Day 95…..update and other stuff.

I'm not missing alcohol at all at the moment. Really busy at work during the day. I'm running most evenings which I'm really enjoying. The weekends I get quality time with the kids. It all seems win win just now. I haven't attended an AA meeting yet but I've chose the venue and I'm definitely… Continue reading Day 95…..update and other stuff.


Day 90….. Drinkline and Alcoholics Anonymous.

I needed to talk to someone, anyone. The emotions I was feeling were slipping out of my control! The stress and anxiety levels were becoming outrageous. I was convinced I was moving inexorably towards some kind of mental breakdown. Fuck it, I googled for help. Drinkline and Alcoholics Anonymous were the first two hits. I… Continue reading Day 90….. Drinkline and Alcoholics Anonymous.