Day 293 … Who am I?

I still can't believe I've gone this long without alcohol. It's normal now, the routine of not drinking is the same as the routine of drinking! Sitting drinking every single night is a thing of the past, a distant memory. Now it's more coffee and more water. I don't want to drink anymore ...  but… Continue reading Day 293 … Who am I?


Losing count…..and losing interest.

Fortunately I'm not losing count. That's probably the one thing I can rely on; my ability to confirm on a daily basis exactly how many days have passed since I had an alcoholic beverage....and it's now 255 days! But losing interest is another issue. I'll be honest, it's a real struggle at the moment. I… Continue reading Losing count…..and losing interest.

Day 147 …. Drifting with the tide.

Stopping drinking is such an incredibly difficult journey. The initial fear of not being able to refuse a drink at the next opportunity or the fear of getting through testing times without alcohol to hide behind is quickly surpassed by overwhelming feelings of anxiety, incredible boredom, questioning yourself, your beliefs, your choices, your life. This… Continue reading Day 147 …. Drifting with the tide.