Losing count…..and losing interest.

Fortunately I'm not losing count. That's probably the one thing I can rely on; my ability to confirm on a daily basis exactly how many days have passed since I had an alcoholic beverage....and it's now 255 days! But losing interest is another issue. I'll be honest, it's a real struggle at the moment. I… Continue reading Losing count…..and losing interest.


Day 211….Christmas is coming.

I'm 211 days into my journey. That's how long ago it is since I decided that I needed to stop drinking. It took a little while and a few mishaps but I'm now on my 185th day of sobriety. I've struggled and I've questioned why I'm doing this. I've came close to breaking. I've almost… Continue reading Day 211….Christmas is coming.

Day 147 …. Drifting with the tide.

Stopping drinking is such an incredibly difficult journey. The initial fear of not being able to refuse a drink at the next opportunity or the fear of getting through testing times without alcohol to hide behind is quickly surpassed by overwhelming feelings of anxiety, incredible boredom, questioning yourself, your beliefs, your choices, your life. This… Continue reading Day 147 …. Drifting with the tide.


Day 119… ‘Smashed’

I've now reached a stage where I feel I have to accept that I'm not the person I thought I was. My perceptions are different, l still have the same beliefs, I still feel passionate about the same things but everything just feels different. I don't have the trust in people that I had a… Continue reading Day 119… ‘Smashed’


Day 112…..my secret support network.

I'm still here, hanging in there, not drinking... It's normal now, just something that I no longer do. I miss it but that doesn't faze me as I stopped smoking 12 years ago and I still miss that! My eldest son asked me tonight when I was going to start drinking again. It's been a… Continue reading Day 112…..my secret support network.


Day 100…..sober and still learning.

I never thought I'd get to this point! 100 days ago my decision was made; no more alcohol! It took a couple of weeks on and off the wagon before I had my final alcoholic drink but I'm now 100 days in and I feel good! I've been through the cravings, desperate to replace the… Continue reading Day 100…..sober and still learning.


Day 95…..update and other stuff.

I'm not missing alcohol at all at the moment. Really busy at work during the day. I'm running most evenings which I'm really enjoying. The weekends I get quality time with the kids. It all seems win win just now. I haven't attended an AA meeting yet but I've chose the venue and I'm definitely… Continue reading Day 95…..update and other stuff.